Monday, January 12, 2015

Buon Anno!

Happy New Year!  We had a quiet Christmas here.  Tonight we will go to a dinner in Siena at the Brucco Contrada, and then walk to the center where they are preparing for live music tonight. We'll have to bundle up though. It's been around freezing and very windy. 

 It was fun to go shopping this time of year!  Siena had this beautiful holiday market a couple weeks ago. 

Wow, look at that cheese!  The reddish in the middle has the skins and seeds remaining from pressing grapes for wine. It looked so pretty. 

Ok, I've never seen the likes of these white truffles. And the smell when the lid was lifted made my knees weak!  A little one about the size of a small walnut is about 25 euros. And quite worth it. Scrambled eggs, anyone?

The fresh citrus here is wonderful as you would expect. 

Mmmmmm. Donuts. And holy cannoli!

And speaking of food. Carlo and Nancy invited us a few weeks ago to their annual Bollito Misto party. Bollito Misto means, I think, mixed boil, and is popular in Verona. Different cuts of meat like beef tongue, pork shoulder, fowl, and sausage are stewed for a long time. The way they did it was to serve the broth first with finely cut homemad noodles, topped with minced chucked liver. Yummy. Then the meats were served with various condiments like salsa verde, which looks like pesto but is vinegary. Mustard. There was a sauce thickened with breadcrumbs that was wonderful. Not an everyday meal. This one is for a big party so you can have that big selection of meats. I WILL be making this when I return.