Sunday, December 14, 2014

Still in Frontignano

And finally posting. Forgive me fire my lameness, but technical issues combined with my poor coping skills prevented me doing this for far too long. The easiest solution seems to be to move to my professional site. I was unable, for some stupid reason, to access my photos from anywhere but here. 

I'll start by going back in time to late September when Val visited us for 10 days. 

I know, right?  

Great pictures like these don't just happen. A lot of planning and commitment are involved. And thanks, Val. Only for you would I have done this pose. 

The Leaning Tower isn't the only impressive thing in Pisa. The Cathedral there is really wild. The sculptural details are entertainingly freaky. This is the base of a pulpit...

Hmmmmmm.  Those are some creepy suckling babies. Brrrrr.

This was part of a crypt, if I remember correctly. Is that some kind of pagan influence I see?  

This just looks evil. But in a nice way, right?

This is glass mosaic tiling. And don't forget, Jesus is watching you. Really, his eyes just follow you everywhere. 

Sorry it's blurry. 

And this is the view from up on the tower.  This is a super-touristy place to go, and the schlocky souvenir booths are completely charmless. But still, the tower is completely worth visiting. Standing below and looking up is disorienting and awe inspiring. Going inside it and seeing how off-plumb it is from that vantage point was fun. 

Ok, I'm back on the job with lots of catching up to do. This week I'll do another one so check back soon!